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You are just like many other individuals  - You have a feeling of lack, right? Well, friend just believe you can change that feeling of lack to one of having plenty, and you will. 

Imagine yourself producing income from a set of skills rather than just trading time for money?


Skilled people earn on average 3X more than people without a skill. Information Technology (IT) is a skill set that presently holds a significant place in our society as it is germane to everything we do daily and almost everything we use daily.


From construction to retail to healthcare to retail information technology (IT)  is at the center of  business operations. Thus, skilled IT personnel are in demand and can realize an opportunity to create for themselves and families a good quality of life.


Now, who would not like to have a better life?


Our hands-on certification training,  provides real-world experience, and will help prepare you for an exciting career in Information Technology within any industry you choose. 

Why should you continue to struggle to live?


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3 Career Pathways


Service Provider Industry Certifications


Customer Service Specialist (CSS) Certification validates one’s work skills through employability concepts. Developed to meet the role of an evolving service-oriented society, CSS is relevant to every industry, employer, and employee. Topics included are safety, ethics, respect, teamwork, communication techniques and methodology, email, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships, and sales and marketing.


 Customer service skills are recognized by a myriad of industries. The importance of this skill set prompted the designation if the CSS course as a prerequisite for all SEASC career path instruction

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Certification provides proficiency in one or more Office programs. Learn the skills needed to get the most out of Office.  Course provides a deep dive into Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Access and Outlook.  and Holding a MOS certification can earn an entry-level business employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers.


Furthermore, earning the MOS certification can help you qualify for a variety of positions including Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, IT Support Technician, SharePoint Specialist, Database Specialist, Workbook Developer and Research Analyst.

Contact Center Professional (CCP) Course training prepares enrollees for call center, help desk, customer service and technical support employment.  The Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP) certification is officially recognized by the RCCSP Professional Education Alliance and its members.


The course focuses on relationship building skills and problem resolution techniques that can be applied first and foremost to customer interactions, but also to everyday communication (and conflicts) within the team and with team leads and supervisors.


Information Technology Certifications 

CompTIA ITF+ Fundamentals

Certification covers foundational IT concepts, basic IT literacy, and terminology and concepts of the IT industry. It is considered the first step toward the A+ certification. Associated jobs include Sales Associate, Account Manager, Marketing Specialist and Customer Support.

CompTIA Network+

The entry-level certification is used to measure skill as a network technician. Course topics include: Design and implement functional networks; Configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices.  Associated jobs include Network Field Technician,  IS Consultant

CompTIA A+

Certification represents entry-level competency as a computer technician and is a vendor neutral certification that covers various technologies and operating systems. Associated jobs include Technical Support Specialist, Associate Network Engineer.

CompTIA Security+

Is an entry-level vendor-neutral security certification that builds from the network security knowledge covered by the Network+ certification. Topics include Threats, attacks & vulnerabilities. Associated jobs include Systems Administrator, Junior IT Auditor.

 Developed by the world’s largest technology non-profit, CompTIA, the CompTIA Core Skills Certification Training is one of America’s most successful workforce programs – on average, 88% of students graduate and 86% of graduates move into paid IT jobs with local companies.


Funded by grants and corporate donations, you can attend the SEASC CompTIA Core Skills Training at no cost and gain the training you need for your first paid role in the information

CompTIA Core Skills covers topics like operating systems, hardware, networking and more!

SEA SC CompTIA Core Skills Training

Electronics Industry Certifications

Associate Certified Electronics Technician (CET(a))


The Associate certification is designed for technicians who have less than two years’ experience or trade school training for electronics technicians. The CET (a) an in-depth Electronics Technician course covers all topics related to earning Journeyman certification. This course also is a pre-requisite for enrollment in advance SEASC electronic certification courses.

Computer Service Technician (CST)


Performs hardware servicing and provides systems software skills for personal computers. Knowledge Base includes: Computer Assembly/Disassembly; Motherboards; Buses; System Resources, Processor Characteristics; Physical and Electronic Memory Characteristics; Secondary Storage Devices; Peripheral Devices; Ports; Power Concepts and Supplies; Basic Networking; Portables; Digital Concepts; Troubleshooting/Preventive Maintenance; Operating Systems; File Management; Safety, Security and Workplace Practices.

Network Computer Technician ( NCT)

Network Computer technicians are expected to obtain knowledge of computer electronics basic concepts, Internet and networking technology applicable to various areas of the computer industry. More specifically, NCTs must be able to function, structure, operate, file manage, install, configure/upgrade manage memory, diagnose and troubleshoot operating systems and hardware (including motherboard and processors and printer).

Gaming and Vending Technician (GVT)

Intended for entry-level technicians with a sound background in electronics. Technicians will work in the field to troubleshoot, repair and calibrate gaming and vending type equipment. Money handling, basic electrical, circuitry, computer hardware and software, and safety are topics included in this certification. The GVT is a stand-alone certification and must be maintained every 4 years.

Biomedical Electronics Technician (BMD)


Biomedical electronics technicians are expected to obtain knowledge of the principles of modern biomedical techniques, the proper procedure in the care, handling and maintenance of biomedical equipment and to display an attitude/behavior expected of an electronics technician who works in a hospital or healthcare environment

Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)

Fiber Optic Training combines theory and 85% hands-on activities to prepare the student to take the CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician) test  sanctioned by the FOA (Fiber Optics Association) and course also introduces the student to industry standards governing FTTD (Fiber To The Desk), FTTH (Fiber To The Home), and Distribution Cabling. Topics include how to identify fiber types, recognize various connectors used in fiber installation; and install, terminate, splice, and properly test installed fiber cable to existing standards.


About Us

Southeast Albuquerque Success Center (SEASC), a state of New Mexico recognized non-profit corporation, provides students with guided educational pathways into a competitive workforce for the community and global economy.

SEA SC founded in 2017, our theory of change is rooted in the premise "that people must be at the center of their own transformation."  We embrace innovative delivery models designed to meet the needs of today’s students that include a concentration on student engagement and interaction, surpassing the traditional seat time and agrarian calendar models.


Our objective is on reversing factors contributing to the barriers to post - secondary education and limitations on the earning potential of individuals residing within underserved communities. We do this through proven methodology, embraced by many national labor development researchers, sectoral training.


Sectoral training focuses on growing industries (like health and technology) where job stability is crucial to employer's sustainability.


We believe students must be responsible for their own educational success.


We believe that students should be engaged in a challenging curriculum that is focused on inquiry-based, hands-on learning, where students are comfortable using technology to aid in the workforce beyond the classroom.


SEASC IT curriculum is from Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a non-profit trade association, while the SEASC Service Provider and Electronics curriculum is from Electronics Technicians         Association (ETA), a not for profit accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC).

Southeast Albuquerque Success Center is an approved  training provider for the TechHire New Mexico a U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration Program.

Word From Our

Executive Director

Welcome to Southeast Albuquerque Success Center (SEASC). Pronounced, sea – s – c, the Center is designed for individuals such as you, who often face barriers to education and training for high demand high paying skilled occupations. We are on a mission to provide to those who are often undeserved, economically disadvantaged  gratis enrollment in highly skilled  training and certification courses. SEA SC makes available to residents living within the Southeast Quadrant workforce development programs to build the education, skills, and experience needed by local technological firms and future employers of the growing technology industry; and provide certified labor to the IT, Electronics and customer service/call center industries.

Having been raised in the Robert Taylor Homes, Chicago, Illinois an area very similar to the International District. I am very familiar with struggles of life in communities that face prejudice, discrimination, alienation, rampant crime and subpar governmental services. However, all these obstacles were turned into steppingstones towards a career in business management. My involvement in this project is to assist you and your children to not only achieve excellent wages but to live a high quality of life and break the patterns of generational poverty.

This begins, I believe, with individual transformation. Transformation is a mental assertion that moves an individual to the achievement of high desires. I strongly emphasis that transformation is more than merely thinking positive, but it maintains a rather threefold process. That process includes envisioning, embracing and emulating success. The individual adherence to this process will realize the individual transformation that transcends the boundaries of human ideology and societal expectations.

I invite you to move to the center of your own transformation.